Oji is us. We tell the story of our hero, the promise that we made to him and the great dream we are now living!

We are Simone and Veronica, brothers and owners of this brand. OJI was our dog, he spent 10 years with us during which he transmitted emotions never felt. Then one day he left without warning, as indeed happens to the best, but leaving us a great gift: his paw.

OJI starts from a love, from believing in something capable of uniting many realities. OJI was born with the intent to stand out. Our way to give voice to this passion was to create a clothing brand: a courageous choice, based on principles and a big dream. It’s nice to think that we have something different from the other brands: we aim to bring innovation, joy and fun by wearing our clothes.

Our creations are the consequence of research, studies, drawings and schemes that are often changed up until we get to the solution we like, always trying to be original for all ages.

The beauty of this paw is to have seen it grow over time and achieve important goals and targets on various fronts, always trying to preserve the value of humility. This is a pride for us!

OJI has a very important meaning for us and our will is to be able to share it with you!